IAMP Timeline

Founding '04

Five managing partners met at a Law Society event in London in March 2004. After the event concluded the five lawyers decided to stay in touch and this eventually led to regular conference calls and several informal meetings in the months to follow.

Organic Growth '06

Over the course of the next 2 years, the group more than doubles as several additional MP's, already familiar to the initial five, were invited to the informal meetings and take part in discussions concerning all areas of law firm management.

Expansion '09

By 2009, membership to the informal group of managing partners has expanded outside of London. More than 20 managing partners from across the UK now meet on a semi-regular basis and quarterly conference calls are held to further increase communication.

Branding '11

In 2011 the decision is made to brand and formalise the group. The Managing Partners Group (MPG) is formed, membership fees are introduced and the initial website launched to provide members with a central forum to share information and ideas.

Head Office '12

10 months later the MPG takes up residence at its current head office at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London. From this location, the administrative team handle the day to day managing of the group, member applications, events and communication.

Crossing Borders '13

In 2013 the first managing partners from outside of the UK are invited to join the group. At this stage, membership to the MPG is limited to European based managing partners and admission to the group is by invitation only.

Global Growth '14

In 2014 managing partners from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America are invited to join the group. Now a truly world-wide organisation, MPG members benefit from increased cross-border referrals and global information sharing.

Re-Brand '15

One year later, the group makes the decision to re-brand to the International Association of Managing Partners (IAMP), to further highlight the international nature of the organisation and the relationship between its members.

#300 '16

In February 2016, the 300th member joins the IAMP. In 12 years the organisation has grown from an informal gathering of 5 managing partners in London, to a global association of hundreds of members in more than 70 countries.

Site Re-launch '16

The new-look, modern IAMP website was unveiled in August 2016. The latest version of the association's website was developed to provide members with more control over their membership, profile page and article contribution.

USA Chapter '16

The foundations have now been laid to launch the USA chapter of the association. A selection of attorneys from each of the 50 states have been assessed and their membership pre-approved in preparation for the formal launch of the IAMP state-side.

Non-Lawyers '17

2017 will see the introduction of the IAMP's associate member category. This is exclusively for managing partners of professional service firms not in the legal industry, resulting in increased cross-industry networking and referrals opportunities.
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